‘Random Lights’ That Are Light, Bright And Easy On The Eye

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Inga-Lill Aker grew up in Norway where she spent ‘many of my teenage years on building sites constructing traditional timber houses with my family. I developed a keen interest for these traditional wood crafts, but also a passion for the minimalistic, organic, and highly functional shapes which is the epitome of Scandinavian design.’

Clementine c 1

Now based in Brighton, UK she is the creative artist of ‘Random Lights’: ‘The thought behind “random lights” is that wood is an organic material and lends itself beautifully to organic shapes. I wanted to embrace highly detailed and sculptural shapes in my designs, giving each angle of the lamp changing aesthetics.’  These lights cast great shadows and each one is individually made. The wooden strips are interwoven,  each with a distinctive color.

Daisy Walnut 8

Scandinavia has been key to the creation of elegant design in furniture and housewares since the mid-twentieth century. With the ongoing vogue for mid-century modern decor, ‘Random Lights’ fit very well into this laid-back design aesthetic.

etsy drum c 2

Individually constructed in walnut, cherry and ash veneers the pendant lights are lightweight, semi-translucent and very easy on the eye.


Their visual appeal was recognized by, of all places, the first ever UK-based branch of ‘Dunkin Donuts’ who commissioned Aker to design their light fittings. You may not expect the company to have such design-savvy, though maybe it’s not such a stretch – the golden tones of the lighting are redolent of the color and texture of donuts.

Petal 1

Oh her website Aker explains – ‘When you shine light through the veneer it showcases the beauty of the grain which changes with each of the species I use.’ Carefully constructed or a little chaotic – the lights easily meld into any interior design aesthetic and look sophisticated yet simple, glamorous yet clean and organic.

etsy Random 1


Aker also makes vases from wood veneers wrapped around and attached to glass cylinders.

vase cherry single