It’s a coffee table. It’s a pinball machine. It’s a “Star Wars” lover’s dream. It’s the Droid, a piece of furniture so cool, you’ll want it whether you grew up with Darth Vader, Yoda and C-3PO or not. Created by utterly inventive Hungarian ALTAR furniture, this “one and only love child of Star Wars pinball […]

7 Cat Lover Must- Haves

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 by

No offense, canines, but cats are cooler. They even have their own holiday. At least on Instagram. Whether you regularly post #caturday pics,  are an aficionado of #catsofinstagram or simply love your pet, chances are, you want the best for your kitty. Kitty, of course, would rather sink her claws into the tempting fabric of […]

The Ultimate Vinyl Lover Decor

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 by

If you love vinyl, you probably collect it. And if you collect it (hoard it, worship it!), your record stockpile can quickly get out of hand and take on epic proportions – especially considering how many awesome reissues are tempting you anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Whole Foods to Barnes & Noble. Vinyl is meant […]

Anyone who has ever lived in a studio apartment has probably wished they could somehow hide their bed, clothing and other personal items from view to free up space when guests are visiting. If you’re a minimalist with the right kind of transforming and multi-purpose furniture, perhaps you could make it work, shifting the purpose […]

How to Create a Sacred Space

Friday, 19 June 2015 by

Every home should have a sacred little space to withdraw to. To some, of course, it means retreating to the man cave or floating away in a bubble bath. But we mean an actual little nook to go to, a comfortable, quiet space or even a shrine that makes you feel inspired, grounded and connected […]

The ‘70s are back on the runways this season, but when it comes to home décor, we say ‘no thanks’ no hippie chic macramé potholders and shaggy rugs. Instead we feel inspired by flower power in all its budding beauty. Give your home a chic, floral-inspired makeover with these five pieces.   Watercolor Floral Pillow […]

Most of us, when we want to change up the look of our flooring, get a new rug, install carpet, or lay some new tiles. For Dubai company Imperial Interiors and their clients, the answer is a lot more impressive – and a lot more extreme. The totally impressive 3D floors are created using a […]

A staircase may seem like only a small detail, but this one really defines the home’s interior.

How do you make a space that’s the size of an average bedroom accommodate an entire apartment? If there’s vertical space available, the answer is nearly always to build up, and that’s exactly what Berlin studio Spamroom did for this tiny apartment. The creation of a built-in central unit housing a kitchen, bathroom and mezzanine […]

Sliding, stacking, transforming and compacting: the key to making a small space comfortable and functional is versatility, and this micro apartment design by Amsterdam studio Concrete is a great example of how to do it right. Designed for a hotel called Zoku, the space is no larger than an average hotel room, yet accommodates so […]