Is it possible for a utilitarian space like an outdoor restroom to be seen as something beautiful as well as useful? The Trail Restroom along Austin’s Ladybird Hike and Bike Trail proves that places like this do not have to be cold, impersonal, and kind of scary – they can function as works of art. […]

This tiny 50 square meter apartment in Montrouge, France takes the idea of the suspended bedroom and makes it even better. In this home, the floating bedroom doubles as furniture on one level and a cozy little cubbyhole on the other. Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec Architects placed a suspended metal cube in the middle of the […]

In most homes, dust is a plague that is frequently and zealously eradicated – but to Antonino Cardillo, dust is a vital component of a stunning wall treatment that brings to mind primordial caverns and raw, bare earth. The apartment is, perhaps somewhat misleadingly, known as the House of Dust. This apartment in Rome uses […]