Little Big House: Rotating Central Cabinets Transform Room

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Two rotating central cabinets that double as room dividers make it possible to expand a small residence for visiting family, adding two extra bedrooms on demand and sliding out of the way when not needed. PKMN Architectures created this clever transforming interior for its Pequeñas Grandes Casas (‘Little Big Houses’) series, maximizing the dimensions of a small apartment in Asturias, Spain.

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Designed as a second home for Maria Jose and Enrique, a Mexic-based couple who frequently travel to Europe, Casa MJE can have one large bedroom, two smaller ones, or none at all, depending on how the cabinets are positioned. It accutane blog takes less than a minute to transform the space thanks to hinges and casters.

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Beds pull down from the cabinets and the walls when smaller, more private spaces are desired for cymbalta 60 mg company, with pocket doors closing off the rooms. When the couple is alone, the entire house can be converted into a more spacious-feeling getaway with a double bed.

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Adaptability is key for small urban spaces, leaving the internal configuration entirely up to the occupants’ needs and whims. The ease with which this interior changes at a moment’s notice makes it far more livable than a similarly-sized space without the ability to transform.