Dine and Dangle: Suspended Table Hangs Over Living Area

by / Monday, 11 January 2016 / Published in Uncategorised

hanging table 1

Clamber on top of the kitchen volume to take a seat at this ceiling-suspended table, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the living room. Bach Architects dealt with the limited space in a 753-square-foot Barcelona apartment with a creative layout that maintains a visual connection between the living area and the back bedrooms, making use of vertical space with a mezzanine level.

hanging table 2 hanging table 3 hanging table 4

The architects eliminated a series of corridors and closed-off rooms in the main living space, inserting a low-ceilinged kitchen volume that functions like a piece of furniture. Ladder rungs offer access to the platform, enabling guests to dangle their legs off the edge while working or eating at the hanging table.

hanging table 7 hanging table 6 hanging table 5

Knocking out walls definitely brightened up the formerly dark interiors, and painting the walls and ceiling while while leaving the original wood beams and trim intact helps the space feel even more airy and spacious. A little pass-through window lets whoever’s cooking in the kitchen talk to guests lounging in the living room and serve them coffee or plates, and creates extra counter space.