It’s a bit of a stretch, but with everyone clamoring to travel to Cuba, we thought of one of the country’s most famous American expats: Ernest Hemingway. The Pulitzer- and Nobel Prize-winning author has left behind a legacy of literature and personal lore of mythical proportions, but today we are looking to take style cues […]

Winter is Coming: Get Cozy with a Kotatsu

Thursday, 29 October 2015 by

Winter is coming. Japan is ready, but how are you going to stay warm. You need a kotatsu. This brilliant creation is a combo of space heater, blanket, and flat table (or a variation thereof). A picture, in this case truly, is worth more than a thousand words. All-knowing Wikipedia defines a kotatsu as a […]

Two rotating central cabinets that double as room dividers make it possible to expand a small residence for visiting family, adding two extra bedrooms on demand and sliding out of the way when not needed. PKMN Architectures created this clever transforming interior for its Pequeñas Grandes Casas (‘Little Big Houses’) series, maximizing the dimensions of […]

Let’s get concrete for a moment. The cement-based building substance certainly isn’t the coziest of home décor materials. But wait until you see what French firm Lyon Béton has in store when it comes to coffee tables, TV benches, bistro tables, chairs, shelves, and more. Béton is French for “concrete,” by the way. If you’re […]

How do you make an apartment measuring less than 300 square feet livable for two people? For architect Brad Swartz, the answer is custom-designing transforming interiors for a carefully chosen flat in a historic 1920s brick deco building in Darlinghurst, Australia. The space may be small, but it’s on the northeast corner of the top […]

Break out beyond the standard wooden poles into less conventional materials and forms, and a staircase railing can do double-duty as a decorative focal point. Designer Marc Fornes mimics cellular patterns in glossy white Corian with this machine-fabricated addition to a Paris apartment. Creeping down a set of wooden steps that gradually get smaller as […]

Natural light can make or break a living space, especially when you’ve got a limited amount of square footage to work with. The generous ceiling height and top-floor location of this Gothenburg, Sweden apartment more than make up for its small size, enabling the creation of a lofted workspace on top of the bedroom and […]

At just 140 square feet, this entire apartment in Poland is smaller than a lot of bedrooms in average-sized houses. As space grows scarce in cities around the world, urban residents are making the most of increasingly tiny living spaces, and that often requires various hacks, tricks and ingenious inventions to keep from feeling like […]

What the heck is a fiber artist? Glad you asked. In the case of Aussie Tanika Reed, it’s an artisan known for creating absolutely stunning wall pieces of complex and layered knots. It’s not your grandma’s hippie macramé, although Tanika was inspired, incidentally, by both macramé and her granny. While her art does have a […]

Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza. Until a few years ago, these exotic-sounding locales weren’t commonly known to many travelers. Mexico’s main draw were spots like Puerta Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco. But recently, the Riviera Maya, that beautiful stretch between Cancun and Tulum on Mexico’s east coast, has become one of the most happening travel […]