Bright Colors and Creativity Define a Play Space for Children

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kalorias kids place portugal

Color and playfulness define this interior intervention in a children’s space located within Kalorias Health Club in Portugal. The space is meant to provide a place for children to play, learn, and simply be kids. Ultimately, the deisigners, Estudio Amatam, wanted to give kids a space in which to use their imaginations and make the place their own.

arched hallway

Previously a space used to host corporate events, the Kalorias Children’s Space needed to be updated with children’s needs in mind. A bright but soothing shade of blue leads into the space, accompanied by playful alphabet wallpaper. Each arch in the corridor leads to a different room, each with its own defined function.

play room

The colorful Play Room is defined by its grass carpet which continues onto a wall. The glossy bright stripes above contrast with the grass-like floor and enhance the room’s visual stimulation.

reading room

The reading room gives kids a slightly calmer environment in which to read, study, and watch movies. The black walls are actually blackboards that children can write and draw on, and the walls can become a screen for movies or cartoons.

colorful rooms kalorias kids space

The visual arts room features bright lights against a soft blue ceiling, resembling a starry night. The various portals, cubby holes and hiding spots inspire creative play and allow kids accutane class action to explore and accutane cost simply be kids.

open play room

The Open Play room is the most versatile space of all, giving kids a space to play sports, socialize, and explore. A mountain of Tetris-like clomid pregnancy blocks against one wall can be used as seating or as a fun climbing playground for kids. A small stage in the room also allows for fun theatrics.